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G.O.D encourages underprivileged people to become home owner


G.O.D takes care of food for the people living under their housing projects.


G.O.D want's to channelise the talent and potential of underprivileged children in a positive direction.

Every Donation is a much needed help for someone's life

Free volunteering

Our volunteers are our founding pillars. Volunteering is a willful act of an individual or group freely giving time and funds for community service. Many volunteers are individually assigned and […]



Each donation is essential



Any family who need our help to make a significant positive change in their lives helping them to move to a much peaceful and stable neighborhood is what we stand for

Recurring donations 45%
One-time donations 70%


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recurring donations

Who are we

We are a group of individuals with a goal to help the needy and make a huge difference in their life. G.O.D is based is based in Riverdale, Georgia, USA and was founded by Dontrell L Pierce.

What we do

The place where we live put a great impact on us mentally and psychologically. Many families are bound to live in unflattering conditions with a lot of hardships.. We help and encourage people who are living in the housing project under miserable conditions to become house owner. We provide them complete assistance in switching their residence to a safe, peaceful and civilized location so that they can lead a better life.



Giving the underprivileged a strong foundation to fall back to is our main goal.



Planning the right strategy for relocation after accessing the needs goes a long way.



Helping the society stand on its feet is our way of giving back the things we wish we had.

A concrete help for the causes

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. Do the kind act of donating today.

Recurring donations 45%
One-time donations 86%

Recurring Donations

We are building a firm program to maintain and secure these donations from all the well wishers so that we can free our organization from the yearly struggle of maintaining operations. Functioning a nonprofit organization is a hard work, primarily because it’s such a huge challenge to gain that initial foothold.

Ongoing Aid

Your donations will assist in bringing the support and hope to those who need it. You will know when times are harsh you have opted to stand with those who needed you. You will be proud that you have chosen to make a difference.

Best Experience

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Tamara Allen

Frequently Asked Questions?


Where is this NGO based?

This G.O.D is based of Riverdale, Georgia, United States


How can a person approach this NGO?

Anyone can contact us using the contact details given on the site.


How can I contribute to this NGO?

You can contribute to our cause by becoming our volunteer, by giving donations and by spreading awareness about G.O.D


What your NGO does?

Our NGO helps people to find a stable neighborhood and a house that would give them a better future and a good standard of living.